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Ole Petter Saltvik
Export Manager/KAM
+47 93481813




Headquarters +47 74 85 55 10
Klæbu office +47 72 83 16 11

About us

CTM Lyng AS is Norway’s leading manufacturer and supplier of security products for the home, assistive technology, energy efficiency, and light and heating control for all building types

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Service 24/7/365

We are always available and give service requests the highest priority.

Good and competent service is the key to our cooperation with our customers. Our call team always answers and is supported by our experienced salespeople and engineers, which means that all service cases are resolved in the fastest and best way. We are committed to getting better every single day and therefore we try to get defect products in return, so we can test, document and learn from any errors.

We “take the consequences of which products we deliver”, which are mainly used after normal working hours, and therefore have
established a 24/7/365 service phone, which ensures that our customers or users of the products always receive an answer.

All our products are clearly marked with our phone number, so you can quickly get in touch with someone who can help.

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