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Ole Petter Saltvik
Export Manager/KAM
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Headquarters +47 74 85 55 10
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CTM Lyng AS is Norway’s leading manufacturer and supplier of security products for the home, assistive technology, energy efficiency, and light and heating control for all building types


Product catalogue

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Appliance Shut-off Moisture Sensor

Part No. 5648501

1/2 inch valve and moisture sensor

Appliance Shut-off Motion

Part No. 5648506

1/2 inch valve and motion sensor

Appliance Shut-off On/Off

Part No. 5648505

1/2 inch valve and on/off panel

Basic Package Apartment without water heater ½

Part No. 5648502

Basic Package Apartment/Chalet

Part No. 5648504

Basic Package House

Part No. 5648503

Master On/Off, wireless

Part No. 5648533

Timer, wireless

Part No. 5648534

Aqua Xpress Moisture Sensor

Part No. 5648535

Aqua Xpress External Moisture Sensor

Part No. 5648536

Aqua Xpress Motion Sensor

Part No. 5648531

¾ Solenoid Valve

Part No. 5648511

Cooker guard mKomfy R-T 25A

Part No. 6251698

Cooker guard with panel-installed relay, wireless sensor

MDimLed Micro

Part No. 1403888

Single-phase dimmer, 3-250W


Part No. 1418254

Motion detector, 12m, 100° x 90°, 3600VA 1P

MBD AutoLight DimLed

Part No. 1418222

Motion detector, 12m, 100° x 90°, 315 VA

mTouch One Alu

Part No. 5401502

Thermostat/Regulator, 16A/2300VA 2P

mTouch One Hv

Part No. 5401498

Thermostat/Regulator, 16A/2300VA 2P

mTouch One PH

Part No. 5401500

Thermostat/Regulator, 16A/2300VA 2P

mTouch One Piano

Part No. 5401499

Thermostat/Regulator, 16A/2300VA 2P

mTouch One SV

Part No. 5401501

Thermostat/Regulator, 16A/2300VA 2P