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Ole Petter Saltvik
Export Manager/KAM
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About us

CTM Lyng AS is Norway’s leading manufacturer and supplier of security products for the home, assistive technology, energy efficiency, and light and heating control for all building types

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Cooker Guard

The fixed cooker guard is a security product that monitors your hob/cooker. It performs a dual security function: timer and monitoring for overheating. The Mkomfy has tamper protection. The Mkomfy consists of two modules: a cooker guard sensor (which goes on the wall over the cooker) and a cooker socket for connecting the hob.

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Why choose a CTM Lyng cooker guard?

There is a complete range of Mkomfy cooker guards to choose from!
Do you want wireless, wired or designer?
Are reliability, guarantees and outstanding service a priority?
Do you attach great importance to ease of installation and use?
Do you expect the supplier behind the products to be experienced
and reliable in every department?
Then you can safely choose Mkomfy!

The technology behind the product

  • Unique relay technology in the socket, for a long life
  • The first to bring out new functions, for easier installation, use and reliability
  • Suitable for system integration, together with other functions (Water Shut-off, Power Cut‑off, etc.)

Target group

  • All new homes
  • Home renovations
  • Elderly, invalids and disabled
  • Assistive technology
  • Student accommodation
  • Housing cooperatives
  • Nurseries and schools


See all cooker guards in our product catalogue