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Ole Petter Saltvik
Export Manager/KAM
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Headquarters +47 74 85 55 10
Klæbu office +47 72 83 16 11

About us

CTM Lyng AS is Norway’s leading manufacturer and supplier of security products for the home, assistive technology, energy efficiency, and light and heating control for all building types

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Health, safety and the environment should always be in focus.

HSE work is a management responsibility that will be conducted in accordance with CTM Lyng’s vision, values ​​and business ethics, laws and government requirements as well as CTM Lyng’s voluntary certifications and agreements. The HSE work aims at creating safe and healthy jobs, protecting the external environment and protecting property.

We will take into account health, safety and environment in absolutely all the reviews.

Positive corporate culture

With HSE for a positive corporate culture

CTM Lyng should be an attractive workplace with proud, committed and loyal employees who are committed to performing their best. Together we will create a strong and positive corporate culture where we work systematically to achieve the company’s goals. Through hard and targeted work, we will continue to create jobs that are both safe and challenging for all our employees.

CTM Lyng should work purposefully and systematically to prevent health problems and reduce sickness absence. We work closely with NAV in facilitating and flexibility for existing and new employees, with different challenges.

Our work is the development and production of products for better safety and safety, as well as reduction of energy consumption. For decisions where the environment can be affected, we will seek solutions that are best for the environment. We base as much of our production on local and national production, which has a lot to say for the environment. Furthermore, we will ensure that our employees who can influence the environment in their daily work have high environmental competence and conduct environmentally safe waste treatment.

CTM Lyng will have a corporate culture where security has the highest priority and where everyone in the organization at all times demonstrates this through their actions – by safeguarding their own and each other’s security. Our safety and safety practices are fundamental in the performance of our daily work and will help CTM Lyng to emerge as a safe and secure workplace.