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Ole Petter Saltvik
Export Manager/KAM
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CTM Lyng AS is Norway’s leading manufacturer and supplier of security products for the home, assistive technology, energy efficiency, and light and heating control for all building types

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Branch Products

CTM Lyng AS launches Branch Products, a brand for products that are only purchased from the electrical and pipe industry wholesalers and thus not found in the “Do-It-Yourself” market.

Real professionals need to be able to contribute their knowledge when it comes to advising product selection for their customer.

There are many items that matter, which are about much more than the product itself, such as quality, availability, warranties, service, support, etc. In addition, increasing numbers of products are becoming more technical, and overall knowledge of the product, updating of knowledge and delivery over time (warranty period ++) is becoming increasingly important.

In order to ensure that those who choose a product and supplier easily distinguish the wholesale products and suppliers, from the rest, into the jungle of different products, we launch the term / label Branch Products.

Select products from suppliers who develop and sell products by Professionals – for Professionals. Then you are guaranteed that the end customer will not meet you with google search, price calculators or price lists from junk players, where you have found the price of the product you choose to offer.

Protect the key elements around the products and your opportunity as a Professionals to earn the right product choice! Choose Branch Products!